The Fuck me Outfit – Not for Virgins

The Fuck me Outfit - Not for Virgins

Wow look at me Loser. I am wearing one of my Fuck me Outfits today. But of course obviously not for you. Not for a pathetic virgin boy. You can only dream of sliding that cock into a slippery, wet and warm Pussy. You dont even know how to put that thing between your legs to good use.So dont even try it. Guess even if a girl would want to fuck you it would not work. As you are not turned on anymore by pussy. You are turned on by my pussy and the denial of it. My mean and bratty words turn you on. Humiliation turns you on and thats something i am very good at.Guess you will stay forever a virgin that beats his dick to my loser porn. Just what you have been born to.

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